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boldly reimagining Church

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A seismic shift is taking place, perhaps now more than ever we need to

boldly reimagine the way we do church

For the past eleven years, we've been on a journey to rediscover the explosive methodology of how the New Testament church met in ordinary homes

At this pivotal moment in history, the church is having to adapt and the

Spirit of God is stirring the remnant to urgently do something out of the box

Could grassroots, indigenous house churches be a perfect solution to reaching our towns, villages and rural hamlets?

Challenge 100 is an exciting initiative to see one hundred multiplying

House Churches launched across the UK,

that will partner together to help disciple a nation...

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join the revolution!


I welcome with great enthusiasm the launch of Challenge100, an initiative helping to mobilize ordinary people from all walks of life in multiple locations to win and disciple others around them and see them mature as believers who win others. This is an incredible opportunity especially in a nation like ours with lots of villages and rural hamlets and areas where there is no Christian witness.

the Challenge100 team have modelled Church in their home for the past eight years and have proved that it works here in UK. It is with joy and expectation

I fully endorse this venture

Evangelist Marilyn Harry
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